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Present Tense Endings - UNordered List

For detailed instruction about the pronunciation of third person singular present tense endings, please see the Ordered List

These three lists are random collections of verbs with the three different third person singular present tense endings (-s, -z, and ez). Listen to each list and repeat. If you can, try to say each word before you hear it, and compare your pronunciation with the recording.

Ordered List - Unordered List

First List

Second List

Third List

arises assesses advises
performs confirms depends
supplies denies adopts
drinks aims recognizes
recognises experiences addresses
marries collects records
organises shakes stares
focuses hangs touches
observes issues attaches
results insists bears
imposes consists marks
matches concentrates extends
attempts strikes shoots
realises voices sleeps
launches fits approaches
defines replies signs
exercises arranges presses
gains laughs employs
charges realizes sounds
flies associates crosses
attends enables links
costs examines proposes
demonstrates orders promises
emerges commits protects
attracts grants beats
tests limits minds
travels repeats demands
notices cares promotes
appoints imagines dresses
influences releases studies

Last updated: 16 April 2008