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Past Tense - UNordered List

For detailed instruction about the pronunciation of past endings, please see the Ordered List

These three lists are random collections of verbs with the three different past endings (-t, -d, and 'ed). Listen to each list and repeat. If you can, try to say each word in the past tense before you hear it, and compare your pronunciation with the voice.

Ordered List - Unordered List

First List

Second List

Third List

achieve die pick
add discover place
affect discuss point
agree encourage present
allow end prevent
announce enjoy produce
appear ensure provide
argue enter publish
arrive fill push
ask exist reach
assume expect reduce
avoid explain reflect
base express regard
believe face relate
call fail replace
cause finish report
change force represent
claim help start
close hope suggest
compare include support
consider increase talk
contain indicate tend
continue intend thank
cover introduce treat
create like visit
decide look wait
describe miss walk
design need want
determine note watch
develop pass work

Last updated: 16 April 2008