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Past Tense - Ordered List

The rules for pronunciation of past tense endings are simple to understand, although sometimes difficult to practice.
  1. Verbs that end with the "-t" or "-d" sounds (need, trade, greet, grate) form the past tense with an ADDITIONAL SYLLABLE
    ⊕ need ⇒ needed, trade ⇒ traded, greet ⇒ greeted, grate ⇒ grated)
  2. All other verbs fall into two catagories
    1. Verbs that end in an UNVOICED sound form the past tense with an UNVOICED past tense, which is the "-t" sound.
      ⊕ finish ⇒ finished, force ⇒ forced, help ⇒ helped
    2. Verbs that end in a VOICED sound form the past tense with a VOICED past tense, which is the "-d" sound.
      ⊕ believed ⇒ believed, call ⇒ called, cause ⇒ caused
Listen and repeat the following words. They are written in the present tense (base form), but spoken in the past tense.

Ordered List - Unordered List




finish expect believe
force include call
help indicate cause
hope intend change
increase need claim
introduce note close
like point compare
look present consider
miss prevent contain
pass provide continue
pick reflect cover
place regard describe
produce relate design
publish report determine
push represent die
reach start discover
reduce suggest encourage
replace support enjoy
talk tend ensure
thank treat enter
walk visit explain
watch wait fail
work want fill

Last updated: 16 April 2008